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20 The Prodigal Mother 3D.png


Five years ago, Abbie's son Josh died during delivery. It's taken this long for her and husband Mark to even think about trying to restart their family. Now eight months pregnant, Abbie won't dare dream of a happy ending in case it is snatched away again.

When a stranger tells Abbie that Josh was switched at the hospital and is living under a new identity, Abbie desperately wants to believe it's a second chance, but Mark isn't as easily convinced, especially when the stranger's mental health issues come to light.

Abbie can't find Josh without the stranger's help, but she can't risk the life of the child she is carrying. And she doesn't know how far Josh's new family will go to keep their secret buried.


How far would you go to save the ones you love?
Woken by urgent banging at the door Ellie is stunned to find 15 year-old daughter Ruby with blood dripping from her fingers. Shaking and crying, Ruby tells her she snuck out to meet boyfriend Jamie, but he came on heavy, and as she fought him off, he cracked his head and isn’t moving.

As the days pass, it soon becomes clear that Jamie is missing, and when his car is located at the woods, Jamie’s frantic mum senses foul play. When the police come calling, Ellie is ready to do whatever it takes to protect Ruby, but with Ellie’s son going off the rails, and husband about to be released from prison, the pressure is mounting.

When Jamie’s body is located in the woods, a murder investigation is launched, and doubts are cast over Ruby’s version of events. Ellie knows what it takes to use the legal system to her advantage, and now she must rely on her instincts to keep Ruby from following in her father’s footsteps.

19. What Lies Beneath 3D.png


Grieving father Joe Irons wants nothing but justice following daughter Lydia's abduction and murder. But when police release prime suspect David Calderwood due to a lack of evidence, Joe feels compelled to act. In the dead of night he weighs up the moral implications of whether doing a bad thing for a good reason is justifiable. With Calderwood abducted and imprisoned in a cell beneath the stairs, Joe intends to obtain a confession no matter the cost.

When Joe learns that another child has been taken, he’s certain David is involved, and is in a race against time to break his prisoner, but wanting to hurt someone isn’t the same as physically doing it.

Invading David’s home, Joe begins to piece together how his captive thinks, picking up the investigation the police have left open. With a child’s life hanging in the balance, will Joe have what it takes to find the truth?

WHAT LIES BENEATH is an adrenaline-fuelled, high concept thriller that will appeal to fans of Adrian McKinty’s The Chain, and CJ Tudor’s The Other People.

18. Blood on her Hands 3D.png
10. Look Closer 3D.png


Grieving photographer Hannah Davenport is still recovering from a vicious home invasion that stole her husband John, and her memory. Moving to a new city, she is desperate to put the past behind her, and rebuild her life.

But sometimes the past doesn’t want to be buried.


When she keeps seeing John’s face in new places, Hannah starts to question everything about her previous life. And when tidying away his possessions, she uncovers a memory stick with a video file John left for her on the night he died. His chilling message suggests his death may not have been as straight forward as the police previously determined.


John’s brother Patrick warns her not to go digging into matters that no longer concern her, but Hannah has never been one to avoid conflict. Returning to the home she fled, Hannah comes face-to-face with people who paint a different picture of John, leaving her in no doubt that she can’t trust anything she recalls of the events before that night.


Then she finds a photograph that confirms nothing is as she remembers…


Who can you trust when nobody wants you to know the truth?

07. Little Girl Gone 3D.png


Will she ever see her daughter again?

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Alex Granger only turned her back for a moment – but a moment was all it took for her world to be destroyed. Her two-year-old daughter Carol-Anne has vanished into thin air.

Alex’s husband Ray is a detective, so he’s used to dealing with horrific cases. But nothing could have prepared him for this. Forbidden from aiding the inquiry, he is forced to confront the fact that he might never see his daughter again.

With no suspects, no DNA evidence and no promising leads, the investigation stalls. Then Alex receives a note, telling her exactly what to do if she wants to see her daughter again…


And Alex must ask herself, is she really prepared to do anything to save her child?

09. Future Echoes 3D.png


How can he solve a crime that has yet to happen? Especially when he's the next victim?

Haunted by a fire that robbed her of everything, Megan Hopkirk is having nightmares of strangers being killed. The dreams are so vivid that she almost believes them to be real. When those same strangers start dying, she doesn’t want to believe that her subconscious is predicting their deaths.

How can it be when she’s never met any of the victims? Desperate to prevent further loss of life, she reports her dreams to the police.

DS Jake Knight is facing a disciplinary hearing following a dangerous operation that left a colleague in hospital. When he is assigned Megan's case, he sees it as a punishment and is eager to dismiss her as a kook.


But when her next prediction also comes true he begins to believe her claims. And when she predicts his death next, he's in a race-against-time to solve his own murder before it happens.


What connects the victims in Megan’s dreams?


How can her visions of the future be so accurate?


And does Jake Knight have enough time left to connect the dots?

08. Till Death Do Us Part 3D.png


It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life…


Alice Tandy has dreamed of her wedding since she was a little girl. The perfect venue, the perfect dress, the perfect groom. It’s all going exactly to plan.

But then her whole world comes tumbling down. Just as she and her new husband Ben are cutting their wedding cake, three policemen storm in and arrest Ben. Alice looks on in horror, unable to comprehend what is happening.


Did they say murder?

The next day, Ben is released on bail, but for Alice, the nightmare is only just beginning. And as more details about the murder of Kerry Valentine emerge she starts to realise that everyone around her is keeping secrets. Can she trust anyone? And who really killed Kerry?

03. Then He Was Gone 3D.png


They only looked away for a moment…

Becky Townsend is in Calais with her best friend Jess, and Jess' son Noah. But while they are shopping in the hypermarket, three year-old Noah wanders off. A frantic search ensues. He can't have gone far.

The French police launch their emergency response to abductions, sharing Noah's image on television, radio and social media. They've never failed to locate a missing child within 48 hours. But as the hours become days, the chances of finding Noah alive diminish.

When a former soldier contacts Becky, and tells her Noah is being held by someone seeking revenge against Jess's dead husband, she learns there is far more at stake than just the safe return of little Noah.

01 Snatched 3D.png


Approximately one hundred and fifty thousand children go missing in the U.K. every year. That's one child every three and a half minutes.

Every parent's worst nightmare: seven year-old Natalie Barrett is abducted while walking home from school. The police begin a desperate hunt to find her before it is too late. They fear the worst when a body is located near a golf course.

Sarah Jenson is Natalie's teacher. When one of the detectives on the case is suddenly killed, Sarah believes the events may be linked and begins to search for answers. Where were Natalie's parents when they should have been collecting her? Why was Natalie so scared of her Uncle Jimmy? With suspects stacking up, she is in a race against time to discover the true identity of the perpetrator before Natalie winds up as another statistic.


What if you woke with no memory of the last five years: would you believe what they were saying about you?

When a grizzled detective bursts into his room and cuffs him to the bed, Tom Hunter learns that he's wanted for murder. But he has no memory of how he got there or who he is supposed to have killed. Tom's business is gone, his wife has divorced him and has sole custody of a daughter he has no memory of.

He can't be the killer they're describing. Can he?

Learning that he is a senior figure in organised crime, Tom doesn't like the new version of himself. It's like a nightmare he can't wake from. And to make matters worse a Turkish gangster wants the diamond back that Tom stole; only Tom doesn't know where he hid the jewel.

With the police closing in, and danger at every turn, Tom must piece together the truth of what led to his waking in hospital. He needs to understand what he has forgotten, but more importantly why he has forgotten it; his and the lives of those he loves depends on it.

02. Nowhere To Hide v2 3D.png


How do you catch a killer who knows your every move?

The woman lay flat on the table, her face to one side, her wrists bound with thick tape. Deep scratches marked the wood beneath her fingers, now resting cold and still...

When a woman’s body is found in an abandoned bar near the Southampton docks, Detective Kate Matthews is called in to lead the investigation. She must solve this case to prove she is coping with the death of a close colleague.

Kate knows a pile of ripped up newspaper cuttings discovered at the victim’s house must be a piece of the puzzle, but her team keep hitting dead-ends... Until she finds a disturbing clue that convinces her of three things: The murder is linked to the body of a man found hanging in a warehouse, she is on the hunt for a calculated serial killer, and the killer is watching her every move. Kate realises there will be another victim soon, and that her own life is in grave danger, but no one else believes her theory.


Can she find and stop the most twisted killer of her career, before another life is lost?

04. Dead to Me 3D.png
05. Dying Day 3D.png


Some mistakes you live with. Others you die for…

When the body of a young woman is found in the boot of an abandoned car near the Southampton Docks, Detective Kate Matthews is ordered to stay well away from the scene.


A year ago, Amy, a detective on Kate’s team, was murdered when she was sent undercover to catch a serial killer targeting young girls. Kate never forgave herself for letting the killer slip through her fingers and her team are worried this coincidence might push her over the edge.

When another girl’s body is uncovered days later with similar bruising around the neck, Kate launches an investigation of her own, determined to connect new evidence to the old to catch this monster before more innocent lives are taken…

Mysterious sympathy cards left with the families of the victims finally lead Kate to the twisted individual from her past.


But if she’s found the killer, why does the body count keep rising?


It has been a week since anyone last saw fifteen-year-old Daisy, after she left her best friend’s house and started her short walk home. Detective Kate Matthews and her team have been looking for her ever since.

When a tip-off leads Kate to a disused gymnasium at Daisy’s school, she is shocked to find evidence linking to the murder of a different girl.

Working the two cases side by side, Kate’s blood runs cold when a gift-wrapped box containing a human heart is delivered to her at the station. The heart belongs to yet another unknown victim, but the message is clear: there will be more, and Daisy could be one of them.

When activity on Daisy’s Facebook account indicates she is still alive, the race is on for Kate and her team. Will Daisy be the killer’s next victim?


Is Kate prepared to risk everything to stop another innocent life from being taken?

06. Cold Heart 3D.png
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